On-line Plant Sale - May 1-8

Our Annual Perennial Plant Sale starts May 1st on Facebook

ESL Book Club

The CPNA has a book club for adults (14+ yrs) that meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in Victoria Hills Community Centre.  It is designed for people for whom English is their second language.  We are always open to new members.  but please email reading123@hotmail.ca ahead of time to let us know you are coming so that we book the appropriate room size.

The Book Club's next meeting will be April 13th - This is now delayed to next month due the the Province-Wide shutdown to fight Covid-19.  Reminder that because of Covid19 rules, you will need to wear a face mask.  We will also not be able to share snacks for the time being.
The book we are discussing is "Finding Chika" by Mitch Albom. https://encore.kpl.org/iii/encore_kpl/search/C__Sfinding%20chika__Orightresult__U?lang=eng&suite=kpl

Cherry Festival 2021 - July 3 - CANCELLED

Due to Covid-19 and the demands to protect the health of everyone in our community, the 2020 Cherry Festival will be Cancelled.  

Capital Improvement Grant Proposals

In November 2018 at the Festival of Neighbourhoods,Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association won one of the Capital Improvement Grants of $20,000.

After extension consultation we voted at our AGM on March 13th, 2019, to go ahead with the Outdoor exercise equipment as our Capital Improvement Grant project.  It was to be located along the Iron Horse Trail by Gildner Green Park.

Due to miscommunications between City departments, the Gildner Green Site became no longer viable in the spring of 2020.  After discussing several other sites, it was approved to move forward with having it along the new multi-use trail in Raddatz Park.

We now hope to have it installed early 2021.

CPNA Canada 150 Project

This is the CPNA Canada 150 project.

The Cherry Commons Picnic Shelter was officially opened on April 28th, 2018.  It was a cold day, but dry.  We had a great turnout for the neighbourhood Spring Clean-Up.  A great BBQ lunch with enjoyed by all and a lovely celebration cake to top off the meal.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible.

Community Bread Oven Bakes

Our first bake for 2021 will be Sunday, March 28th.  The fire will be lit at 1 PM and the oven should be ready for baking by 3 PM.  This bake will go ahead rain, snow, or shine.
If you plan to bake, please come by 3 PM.
We are always in need more people to lead baking sessions.  You would not be responsible for teaching baking, but caring for the fire to heat the oven and cleaning up afterwards.  In order to be trained you need to attend a baking session from the lighting of the fire until cleanup is finished (about 4 hours).
If you would like to be trained please contact us.

For those of you who don't know where the Oven is located - it is in the middle of Willow Green Extension Garden in the middle of Raddatz Park (which runs between Gage Avenue and Cherry Street).  It is not on a street, you will need to walk in from Cherry Street along the creek path that goes out the back of the Old Willow Green Garden or come in from Gage Avenue along the little path that leaves the Iron Horse Trail at Gage and follows the creek on the westside, not the new paved trail that goes along the eastside of the creek.

CPNA Voting Members

The Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association is officially incorporated.  This means that we need to notify all voting members of the association whenever we have a our community meetings.  In order to do this we need you to register as a voting member.
click here for a copy of the registration form
If you know of community members who don't have computer access, please let them know about any meetings we announce.  We will have additional copies of the registration form at all our community meetings.

Volunteer Bulletin Board

We are always looking for volunteers and good ideas.  Below are some ongoing volunteer positions that are open.  If you have a skill that you would be prepared to offer to the association, please contact us.

Newsletter General Editor
- you would collect material for our newsletter which is published three times a year (March, December & August).  You would ensure that we meet our deadlines and oversee the delivery of the newsletter. You would work with our Layout Editor, Programming Coordinator, and other committee heads.

Programming Coordinator
 - you would prepares a line-up of programs to be offered each fall, winter and spring.  You would recruit and hire teachers & volunteers to teach the programs.  You would book the spaces to hold the classes in.  You would prepare the registration materials, collect the registrations, decide which course will run, and communicate with the students and teachers.  You would work closely with The Treasurer and President.

Newsletter Carriers
- we are not able to deliver to several apartment complexes in our neighbourhood because they are locked and have no mailboxes that are accessible to us.  If you know someone from the following addesses who might be able to deliver newsletters there please contact us.
- 44 Walnut Ave
- 85, 93 & 103 Gage Ave
- 104 Union Street - Trafalgar Apts.
- 100 Walter Street