Capital Improvement Grant Ideas Needed

On Sunday, November 18th, at the Festival of Neighbourhoods, Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association won one of the Capital Improvement Grants of $20,000.

We are looking for ideas of the best way to use this grant.  Until January 12th, we want as many ideas as possible on how this could be used in our neighbourhood.  In this first phase of consultation, we are blue-sky brainstorming, so don't be self-critical.  No idea is stupid, as it may trigger a brilliant idea in someone else.  Please email with your idea.  No limit on ideas.  No limit on age.  If you know someone without a computer, they can write a note and drop it in the mailbox at 110 Strange Street.  Show me your creativity, Cherry Park.

If you would like to be on the “Ideas Committee” who will work on sorting the ideas and helping us to arrive at the final idea to work on, please let us know.  The Ideas Committee will next meet on Thursday, December 20th at 7 PM in Steve’s home (61 Strange Street).  We will be talking about the schedule & process to arrive at the final idea at this meeting.

Ideas so far:
- a new park with a sliding hill for small children between the Iron Horse Trail and the Patricia Arms Apartments
- an interpretive trail near Westmount Creek featuring indigenous culture and use of this area
- installing exercise equipment at spots along the Iron Horse Trail
- an Alphabet Garden with flowers for each letter of the alphabet, including seating for children as well
- creating and improving a footpath between the Extension Garden, the Iron Horse Trail and Old Willow Green Garden
- creating a woodland trail through the woods along the Iron Horse trail by Raddatz Park
a mural under the rail bridge on the Iron Horse Trail just north of Gage Ave (between Gage and Glasgow)
more trees plus some rocks or other natural features for kids to climb and grown-ups to sit on in some of the little parks/parkettes
- more seating in our parks, especially near the playgrounds
- more toilets in the parks, especially near the ball diamonds
- more picnic tables in the parks
- a splash pad with a fountain, chairs & umbrellas; and a pop stand manned by volunteers
- a compost & recycling centre/depot for our residents in apartments & townhouses
- a community kitchen
- a pedestrian bridge over Westmount Creek at the end of Waverly Avenue
- neighbourhood signage/pole banners along Park & Glasgow Streets
- Light the Night - a distinctive light installation repeated at different locations in the neighbourhood
- Donate the money to the KW Badminton Club to paint their building
- Expand the Accessible Garden at Gildner Green by adding more beds
- Add lighting and sound equipment for the new picnic shelter on Cherry Commons
- Add Adult Playground Equipment at one of our parks, perhaps Gildner Green
- Mural on railway bridge over Park Street
- self-guiding historical tour of our neighbourhood with signposts
- a community greenhouse
- a workshop area for community artists
- a "Cycling without Age" project for our neighbourhood
- a Gaga Ball Pit in Gildner Green park
- add a slide and more swings to Gildner Green park
- add a drinking fountain to Cherry Park or Gildner Green park
- add benches along our residential streets (eg. Sprucedale Cres)
- build the multi-purpose path through Cherry Park linking the Iron Horse Trail & the new Transit Hub
- do an art project on the Don McLaren Arena outside walls
- create a farmer's market for our neighbourhood
- have outdoor exercise equipment in our park
- have historical plaques highlighting indigenous heritage in our neighbourhood
- have a skateboard site in our neighbourhood
- commission an art piece for the Cherry Park entrance, with a cherry theme
- a labyrinth for cherry park
- a skating or cross-country skiing loop around the inside of Cherry Park
- convert an old shipping container into an office/meeting room for CPNA or a greenhouse (see what Hamilton is doing)
- build a carousel for Cherry Park
- a dog park
- BBQ next to the picnic shelter
- a collection of large scale/interactive outdoor games (eg. kerplunk, connect four, corn hole, dominoes, slingshot, nine square high) for use at CPNA events
- shade structures on the Iron Horse trail between Glasgow and Gage
- more benches, flowers, scrubs & paths around the Picnic Shelter so more people use it
- develop a walking & bike trail between Park Street & the new transit hub
- partner with KCI art students to do a mural for our neighbourhood
- place a "Little Library" box by the Picnic Shelter, specializing in children's books
- place adult exercise equipment in our parks & green spaces
- a musical swing installation -
- an interactive percussion installation - 

Pumpkin Carving Event - Thank you

Thank you to Rachel and her friends for organizing this event.  It was a lot of fun and quite creative.

We are looking for ideas and people to hold other fun events in the picnic shelter.

Winter Classes - Registration now open

Registration for the Winter Classes has started and runs until December 27th.  Winter programs will start January 8th.
Please don't wait too long to register or the class you are interested in may be cancelled.

Classes with enough already registered to run:
- Beginner Spanish

Classes with interest already - (number needed to run the class)
- German Beginner (2 more needed)
- German Intermediate (2 more needed)
- ASL Beginner 2 Thursdays (2 more needed)
- ASL Beginner 1 Thursdays (3 more needed)
- Yoga (2 more needed)
- Zumba (4 more needed)

The correct code for Volleyball Skills for Kids is 27791
The correct code for ASL Beginner 1 on Thursdays at 7 PM is 27801 and
ASL Beginner 2 on Thursdays at 8 PM is 27803

We are looking for a drama teacher.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us.

All-Candidate Debate for Ward 9 - Thank you - Please vote on Monday, October 22nd

The list of candidates running for the Ward 9 Councillor position are:
Melissa Bowman; Debbie Chapman; Tia Rebecca Driver; and Philip Molto

We had a really good turnout at our all candidate debate (about 85 people) on September 26th.  The candidates got to answer about a dozen questions, both the prepared ones and several from the floor.

Thank you to everyone who came out, to the candidates for making time in their busy campaigns, and to all those who helped put the event on.

Please take the time on Monday, October 22nd to go our and vote.

CPNA Canada 150 Project

This is the CPNA Canada 150 project.

The Cherry Commons Picnic Shelter was officially opened on April 28th.  It was a cold day but dry.  We had a great turnout for the neighbourhood Spring Clean-Up.  A great BBQ lunch with enjoyed by all and a lovely celebration cake to top off the meal.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible.

Community Bread Oven Bakes

We were fortunate not to have rain on Sunday.  It was cool but the fire kept us warm.  I had a couple of eager people out to learn more about using the Cob Ovens.
We baked pizza & foccacia.

Our next Firin' Up of the Bread Oven won't be until next spring on Sunday, March 24th 1 PM to 5 PM.  The fast baking for thin breads will be at 3 PM, the slower breads will start about 4 PM.

CPNA Voting Members

The Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association is officially incorporated.  This means that we need to notify all voting members of the association whenever we have a our community meetings.  In order to do this we need you to register as a voting member.
click here for a copy of the registration form
If you know of community members who don't have computer access, please let them know about any meetings we announce.  We will have additional copies of the registration form at all our community meetings.

Volunteer Bulletin Board

We are always looking for volunteers and good ideas.  Below are some ongoing volunteer positions that are open.  If you have a skill that you would be prepared to offer to the association, please contact us.

Newsletter General Editor
- you would collect material for our newsletter which is published three times a year (March, December & August).  You would ensure that we meet our deadlines and oversee the delivery of the newsletter. You would work with our Layout Editor, Programming Coordinator, and other committee heads.

Programming Coordinator
 - you would prepares a line-up of programs to be offered each fall, winter and spring.  You would recruit and hire teachers & volunteers to teach the programs.  You would book the spaces to hold the classes in.  You would prepare the registration materials, collect the registrations, decide which course will run, and communicate with the students and teachers.  You would work closely with The Treasurer and President.

Winter Rink Helpers
- you would help water the rinks and clear snow off them.  Each rink has a committee that works with the City/School Board to oversee the rinks during the rink season - November to April.  We have two outdoor rinks in our neighbourhood - one in Cherry Park and one in Downfield Park (across the street from King Edward School).

Board Game Helpers
- you would be helping to supervise the Board Game nights that we have at King Edward School on Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 PM, from September to June.  Prior knowledge of the board games is not necessary.  A police check is necessary as we are working with children.

Book Club - in Victoria Hills Community Centre

The ESL Book Club is now two groups and meets on both the 2nd & the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in Victoria Hills Community Centre (10 Chopin Drive, Kitchener).  

Both groups will be meeting on Tuesday December 11.  The book we will be discussing is 

Merry and Bright by Debbie Macomber 

here is the KPL entry

Interested parties can either contact me to arrange borrowing a copy or can check one out for themselves from the public library.

The ESL Book Club is an opportunity for people who are still learning English to practice their skills in a friendly environment.  Each month the members will all read the same book at home, and then come together on the meeting night to share (with tea & treats) what they thought, liked, or disliked about the book.  
The Book Club is always open to new members.   Please email - - if you plan on coming so enough books will be on hand.  There is no cost to the program.  This is an adult only program.  Childcare is not provided.

Winter 2019 Newsletter

click here to access the newsletter.