Community Bread Oven Bakes

It was cold on Saturday, May 5th for our bake. Three bakers came out and cooked.  We also had another new person trained to lead.
We will have at least one bake a month until October.  If we could have more people train to lead a bake, we could schedule them more often.
In order to be trained to lead a bake, you need to attend the whole time period of a bake, from the firing up to the clean up, to see all that is entailed and to practice a bit before you are on your own.
Once you are trained you can also book the oven for a private party if you want to.

Our next Firin' Up of the Bread Oven will be Saturday, June 9th from 9 AM to 1 PM.  The fast baking for thin breads will be at 11 AM, the slower breads will start about Noon.