Capital Improvement Grant Ideas - Vote before January 31st

In November at the Festival of Neighbourhoods, Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association won one of the Capital Improvement Grants of $20,000.

We gathered ideas from the community until January 12th, then our Ideas Committee met and reduced the list to the best ten.  We now want you to vote on what you feel are the best 3 ideas until January 31st.  The list of the top 3 choices will be included in the Spring newsletter for voting on at our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 13th, 7 PM in Calvary United Church.

1. Trail improvements along Westmount Creek (between Cherry Street and Gage Avenue) connecting Old Willow Green Garden, Willow Green Extension Garden and Gage Avenue.
2.  A full walking loop around the inside perimeter of Cherry Park.
3.  Retrofit a shipping container to flexible community use.
4.  Outdoor adult exercise/activity equipment in our community.
5.  An asphalt pad in Cherry Park for a skating rink and other sports.
6.  Community signage identifying our neighbourhood and points of interest.
7.  An interactive outdoor musical instrument installation.
8.  Seating and rest/garden areas in our community.
9.  A new mural project for our neighbourhood.
10. A water bottle refilling station at Gildner Green.

You can send your vote to or return the flyer that you should receive shortly to the mailbox at 110 Strange Street.