Community Bread Oven Bakes

We had good bake on June 8 for Neighbour Day.  We had 20 kids (of various sizes) make bread pretzels with us on a beautiful day.

Stay turned for the date of Our next Firin' Up.

We are in need more people to lead baking sessions.  You would not be responsible for teaching baking, but caring for the fire to heat the oven and cleaning up afterwards.  In order to be trained you need to attend a baking session from the lighting of the fire until cleanup is finished (about 4 hours).
If you would like to be trained, the fire will be lit at 8 AM at the June 8th bake session and cleanup should be done by Noon at the latest.

For those of you who don't know where the Oven is located - it is in the middle of Willow Green Extension Garden in the middle of Raddatz Park (which runs between Gage Avenue and Cherry Street).  It is not on a street, you will need to walk in from Cherry Street along the creek path that goes out the back of the Old Willow Green Garden or come in from Gage Avenue along the little path that leaves the Iron Horse Trail at Gage and follows the creek.